Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday, January 2nd, 2012-Original Sin - Inxs

Woke  up in a great mood today, the foul attitude gone. It felt like a violent thunderstorm that came out of nowhere, or maybe I was just channeling Linda Blair in The Exorcist. I did learn one important thing though- never blog when you're possessed. You will regret it the next day, but what is done is done. Also, pea soup is a bitch to get out of a keyboard. Anyway, I got a good run in today, I am finally starting to get the rhythm of my breathing back. And I forgot how absolutely wonderful it feels to pound the pavement with the music pulsing through my ear buds. It wipes everything else out, and for a short time at least, there is no thinking, no analyzing, nothing but music, my breathing and my body in sync for one purpose.  So, the first thought I had upon waking was "Dream on, black girl." I love Inxs...and Michael Hutchence is rockin' an awesome mullet in this one.

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