Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday, January 8th, 2012- Red Hill Mining Town-U2

What a bizarre night last night was...while I was sleeping. I have always experienced extremely vivid dreams, and I can usually remember them in great detail. However, the dream I had last night takes the cake. The only way I can come even close to describing it is this: it was like a mixture of "Poltergeist", "Blade Runner", and "The Matrix" with some, ahem, interesting side plots, if you get my drift. It was beyond vivid...I can remember the vast array of emotions, more than I can count. Same goes for the sensory experience- I was just completely enveloped, in every way. I mean, being able to see individual drops of condensation in the fog. It was one of those dreams that seemed like it lasted from the moment I fell asleep, until the moment I woke up. At the end, I was in a basement with a small group of strangers. As far a appearances go, it resembled Zion from "The Matrix'. It had no ceiling, it just extended into nothing. The basement was, beyond the walls, just a void. I was not scared by this, because it was just the way it was supposed to be.  So, in this basement, U2 was performing...and it was the beginning of their career. They were all baby-faced teenagers. They were playing "Red Hill Mining Town," surrounded by explosions of fire. Now, I don't think this has ever with a Moment of Waking song before. It was not just a thought right after waking up; it was an actual continuation of my dream. I mean for a few seconds there, I could still SEE the dream, even with my eyes open. The song did not skip or pause, it just moved smoothly from the dream into consciousness. I can remember the very moment it did. So, these were the lyrics that flowed from the dream into reality: "We'll scorch the earth, Set fire to the sky, we stoop so low, to reach so high. A link is lost, the chain undone, we wait all day, for night to come, and it comes, like a hunter child..." What an amazing night.

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