Sunday, December 4, 2011

Moment of Waking-December 4th, 2011- "Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me" was the first thought in my head. I really like the word corrosion...the way it sounds, the way it feels in my mouth and throat when I say it. When I hear that word, in my mind I see a rusted pipe-rusted to the point that it is just flaking away into dust. I almost get that metallic taste in my mouth. If that's weird, so be it. I've always had a thing with how words sound and feel when I say them, the images they conjure up, the many meanings one word can hold depending on the context, and I love how a word can start to sound absolutely alien when repeated over and over. Anyway, this song has me hooked lately...thank you Sisters of Mercy...

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