Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wed. March 16th-Ummm, my first lyric this morning was "something and the king of hearts" I could hear a melody & the voice, but I had absolutely not a CLUE what this song was. Then I remembered something about a joker being in the lyrics and something about a fool. That is all I had people, and you can't google a melody. So...after several different google searches, I found it! Just as suspected, it was Juice Newton! Wait, who?! I checked the video, it's a catchy tune that I now remember hearing, but really? Juice Newton? Either her parents hated her or she had a bad manager...


  1. I listened to this ALL.the.Time. growing up....and I immediately knew what it was as soon as you said "Something and the king of hearts.." !!! LOL You and your brain....

  2. Damn! I could have saved 15 minutes if I had just called you first! My brain is weird...thanks for commenting!