Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ahh..my middle & highschool obession.So, obsessed in fact, that my best friend, lil' sister(12 at the time?) & I stalked their limo after a concert & followed them to a dance club in East STl, Illinois.Not the safest place in the world. I can't remember if we all got in or left my sis in the car (sorry Sara!) but me and my best friend got in and met them all. We even checked the lead singers arm for track marks! He was rumored to be on heroin at the time, we were soooo worried! We saw none, just so you know. So, they went off to dance with some whor-I mean nice young women who in no way wanted to take advantage of their fame & drunkeness. But I love them still....(sorry for the crap video, it was the best one I could find)

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