Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15th, 2011-Moment of Waking...I have a confession to make...this is not the song I heard in my head this morning, but rather the one I woke up with in my heart. If my Mom was still alive, today would have been her 56th birthday. This is the song I listed to on repeat during the 4 hour drive to her funeral. It makes me sad; but it also reminds me of the power of music. The way that it can bring us right back to a time and place, how it can comfort us, how it can move us. Every single word of this song, from that 4 hour drive to this very day describes how I feel about her passing. Happy Bithday Mom. Love you. Miss you.


  1. You are so loved today and everyday!

  2. Thanks sweetheart and right back atcha!!